Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thenators add thome thandpaper; thign Ruutu.

As per TSN, Jarkko officially announces his homosexuality with the 3 year contract, $1.3M cap hit.

Avery cahses in down in Dallas; vacant spot in the NYR™ line-up for massive tool whom represents the teams' fans in the locker room.

The market for pests is slimming down.

Apparently Toronto had explored the availability of Brian Burke and Matt Schneider by dangling Jason Blake and Pavel Kubina. Sources also indicate that GM Cliff has offered a contract to UFA Defenceman Lindy Ruff.

Defence... we missed Ron Hainsey, who re-signed for big cream in Ohio. He could have been an impact player had he signed for a meaningful franchise. We went with Mark Eaton again, which should be interesting. When you start talking Eaton, then you inevitably start comparing him in your mind to Scuderi, and other #6-7 guys like Nasreddine and Bissonnette.

I wish Daniel Fernholm would have panned out... but then Jo Melichar signs in Carolina, and everything your team has done to this point looks like genius. Goligoski is here, Letang is a lock, and somewhere Darryl Sydor is photoshopping himself onto a box of Wheaties™.

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Johnny Wrath said...

Atlanta signs Hainsey... shows how great my sources are. also reporting Hainsey signed in Columbus... Is there even a news station or publication based in Columbus? How can I be expected to believe anything that comes outta there?