Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Penguins talking to everybody.

That about says it. Satan, Miettinen, Matt Cooke, Huselius, et all. Brooksie re-signed.

The Rags added Zherdev. He is a dick, which makes him a perfect Ranger. You see, NY has a superiority complex. Zherdev is an even bigger headache in the dressing room than Jags, so the decision was easy. Plus, he's going to team up with fellow pain in the ass Cherapanov to make a trio of Russian-born forwards who don't appear to be dedicated to anything except $USD.

My magic 8 ball says Naslund to Minnesota.

My dreams of a Rolston-Crosby-Naslund line are going to ruin. At least we didn't sign Wade Redden.

Doug Weight has joined the 4th team who will trade him for prospects at the deadline.

We want Bertuzzi (?) and we want Naslund. I expect one of them to sign, and I want to sign Matt Cooke. He's a menace to play against, and cheap-shot artist. Honestly, if we keep Staal at C, he needs some wings to help match up against top lines. We had Ruutu, considered a cheap-shot artist, so its not like we're signing someone irreputable.

Toronto has upped the offer to UFA Defenceman Lindy Ruff.

San Jose hasn't done a damn thing. What is their deal? Honestly, what is it? Their window is closing really fast, especially since they keep going out in round 2. NJ in talks with Fedorov, and says he "Does not mind the stench of Axe Body Spray­™, although he has concerns about trips to the beach due to the high percentage of Axe Body Spray™ in the ocean's waters".

Brenden Shanahan is looking for his car, as he cannot remember where he parked it.

Tampa Bay continues to offer contracts to everyone. They've considered John Davidson a prime candidate for their backup role, and have shown strong interest in Jason Smith. Clearly there is a youth-movement in TB.

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